Pitch Perfect Reviewed

February 6, 2013

Traditionally, movies follow a sort of rule. Guy movies have shootings, explosions, maybe some fisticuffs. Movies for the ladies tend to feature lots of soul-searching, romantic encounters, and possibly musical interludes.

Pitch Perfect breaks those rules. It should be a chick flick, because it’s about a girl who goes to college, joins a competitive singing group, and discovers things about herself while meeting and falling for a good-natured boy. Not one person gets shot. That’s a girl movie, right?

Well, if you’re avoiding Pitch Perfect because it sounds like one of those abominable romantic comedies that put men to sleep, you’re missing out. Pitch Perfect has singing, romance, and self-discovery – but it is also incredibly funny and tremendously entertaining.

The laughs in Pitch Perfect come fast and furious, and never break down. The characters are engaging and humorous. The wit is priceless. The comic timing is brilliant. The surgeon general actually issued a warning that you should not watch this movie while you’re drinking a glass of milk.

And even if you’re the kind of guy who would rather clean the garage than watch an episode of Glee, the musical numbers in Pitch Perfect are so good that you’ll want to look them up on YouTube later. Something about songs performed without any instruments, with a whole group of singers making a tune come alive, is almost magically captivating.

If you’re a guy worried about losing your man card for wanting to watch a movie with a bunch of musical numbers and a female lead, don’t worry. Just ask a dude who has seen Pitch Perfect, and he’ll set you straight. Pitch Perfect is one of the few movies you can watch that will appeal to just about anyone – men, women, teens and adults. Check it out at the 24/7 Entertainment Specialty Store.

Pitch Perfect

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