Ideas for Healthy Family Meals

March 14, 2011

by Natcha Pradappet

It’s nutrition month and healthy eating is important to living a long and fulfilling life. Research shows that most Americans do not get their daily servings of essential nutrients, such as calcium, fiber, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins E, C, and A. Regular intake of these nutrients will help your body stay in shape and improve the quality of your days. Here are some tips and tricks for adding these nutrients into family meals:

· Melting cheese on top of vegetables is a great way to get kids to consume two food groups at once.

· Yogurt is an excellent any time snack that is sweet and full of healthy nutrients that everyone needs. You can accompany it with nuts or apple wedges, too.

· Peanut butter and whole wheat bread is a quick and excellent source of protein and grains.

· A good way to sneak in vegetables is to mix chopped spinach or carrots into the sauce when serving pasta. You can do it with meat loaf, too!

· Try spreading applesauce on top of breads, such as pancakes, waffles, or toast. It gets a serving of fruit in your daily food consumption.

· Serving ranch dressing with vegetables is a way to get kids to eat their vegetables and is a good way to eat some healthy things.

· Try vegetable juices. V-8 Splash and others are excellent for those who don’t like vegetables.

These are just a few tips to keep your family in shape. To stay fit and healthy, your body requires good intake, along with regular exercise. It may be hard to consistently try to eat healthy at first, but after a while your body will get used to it and enjoy the care you take to strengthen it. Eating healthy definitely involves creativity. Sometimes a dilemma between a hamburger and a sandwich can be resolved by a compromise, such as a turkey burger. After your body gets used to eating healthy, it will appreciate you more than ever and will continue to actively perform.

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